Ice Box - 6 inch (4,500 BTU) or 8 inch (6,500 BTU)

Install this chilled water heat exchanger on the exiting duct flange of your reflectors and eliminate the heat generated by your lighting. Seal up the garden and turn off the A/C. 

Using chilled water for cooling is (up to 50%) more efficient than trying to air condition it with traditional methods. Circulate chilled water through the heat exchanger and let your fans recirculate the air in the space.

The 6" version can handle up to 4,500 BTU of cooling and the 8" version can handle up to 6,500 BTU of cooling. Install either on your reflector for intense heat exchange, or use the optional wall mount kit to simply recirculate the air in the garden over the built-in heat exchanger for air conditioning.

Use in conjunction with the Ice Box Thermostat to control the fan speed and get cooling only where and when you need it. Ice Boxes are great for gardens with 1-6 reflectors. If you have more than 6 reflectors, check out our chilled water air handlers.


6" - 4,500 BTU - $149.00

8" - 6,500 BTU - $199.00

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Type: Air Handler

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