Banks 2 ton (24,000 BTU) Spot Chiller

This powerful 2-ton chiller can be mounted in a window or outside. Excellent for cooling large or multiple nutrient reservoirs (with CoolCoils), using a chilled water air conditioning system (such as Ice Boxes), or for providing chilled water for other water cooled equipment. Multiple pieces of equipment can be plumbed to a single chiller. The 2-ton Residential Chiller features Frigidaire and Alfa Laval components, with a Samsung compressor and a flow switch to protect the compressor in case of a loss of water flow. This is our most popular chiller and we understand why-it's extremely versatile, powerful and reliable. Order with a compressor heater in cold climates to use even when outdoor temperatures are well below freezing.

This is our most popular chiller and we understand why - it's extremely versatile, powerful and reliable. 

Shipping Note: Orders that include a chiller carry a lead time of 2-4 weeks depending on factory loading at the time of order.  Once your order is received, a representative will contact you with your specific expected ship date.

Type: Chiller

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