Banks Chillers (2, 3.5, 5 or 10 Ton)

This proprietary design is where value and quality collide. We haven't found a chiller with better quality, longevity, output, and overall performance at this price point in any market. Our Banks Chillers are made in the USA and feature only the highest quality components, from the capacitors to the compressors. Each chiller is individually tested for output and if it doesn't exceed its rating, it doesn't ship. Featuring Alfa Laval evaporators, scroll compressors by Bristol or Copeland, and advanced safety features such as a flow switch and anti-freeze protection, you will not find a better chiller for your money. Use them for any chilled water application, but when you pair them with an appropriately sized air handler you will have a simple, energy efficient climate control system.

As a bonus, these chillers are extremely attractive and subtle—you cannot tell the difference between one of our Banks Chillers and the condenser on a standard air conditioner.

Shipping Note: Orders that include a chiller carry a lead time of 2-4 weeks depending on factory loading at the time of order.  Once your order is received, a representative will contact you with your specific expected ship date.

User Manuals (PDF Version):


2T - 24,000 BTU - Commercial - $4,395.00

3.5T - 42,000 BTU - $4,795.00

5T - 60,000 BTU - $5,925.00

10T - 120,000 BTU - $11,250.00

Type: Chiller

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