Our Company

Hydro Innovations began in 2006 when Stephen Keen, who at the time was a licensed building contractor and had been gardening for 6 years, looked at the 90 degree temps in his garden and thought “There has to be a better way.”

Tired of electric bills and spending more on air conditioning than lighting, he was fed up.  With his contracting background, he understood exactly what was happening and why it wasn't the most efficient way to do things.  On that day, Stephen started applying his mechanical expertise and extensive gardening experience to creating that better way.

Hydro Innovations launched its first product, the Reflector Heat Shield, in 2007 (now discontinued). It was quickly picked up by the major distributors in our industry and we were on our way. After the heat shield, Hydro Innovations launched the HydroGEN Water Cooled CO2 Generator, a completely unique and one of a kind CO2 system, now sold by Louvi Group. 

It's widely known that chilled water systems are dramatically more efficient at cooling than traditional air conditioning systems, and Stephen took that knowledge and expertise and applied it to the garden.

Stephen has come up with so many concepts, it got to the point where his wife, Brandy, began rolling her eyes every time she heard "So I had an idea…"  But in 2008, those new products had helped Hydro Innovations grow to the point that Brandy quit her job in semiconductor sales and started working for Hydro Innovations exclusively.

2008 saw Hydro Innovations move out of its original facility and into a much larger warehouse space. Continued growth saw the addition of employees and a second building. 2011 saw the birth of Hydro Innovations' chiller line, Banks Chiller Systems, take off (and a third building to house manufacturing operations). Banks Chiller Systems is Stephen's brain child—conceived and designed by Stephen personally, manufactured by Hydro Innovations in the USA.

Our customers can now take advantage of our extensive experience for all of the products we are known for, and for complete garden design and commercial consulting from design and build out to harvest.  

As we move forward, look for a constant stream of new products, ideas and garden technology from Hydro Innovations.  We have so many ideas and we are trying so many new things that it's impossible to list them all, but we'll be releasing new product regularly, from improvements to existing methods to entirely new products no one has ever seen before.