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CoolCoil Nutrient Cooling

When growing hydroponically, maintaining proper nutrient temperature is essential to plant health. If the nutrient solution temperature rises above 72°F, harmful bacteria will start to grow, thus risking the health of your crop.

Because most grows are kept above this temperature for plant growth, it is important to cool nutrient systems separately. Surna’s CoolCoil Nutrient Cooler works in conjunction with our Chillers to provide efficient cooling to your nutrient solution. The stainless steel CoolCoil is placed in the nutrient solution where it provides indirect cooling to the solution. By running a mixture of cooled water and food-safe propylene glycol through the Chiller and CoolCoil, instead of running nutrient solution directly through the Chiller, the life of your chiller will be extended. Tying a CoolCoil Nutrient Cooler into a Surna Chiller system makes it possible to cool nutrient reservoirs in multiple rooms with a single chiller. The same chiller can even be used for climate control of the whole grow. The stainless steel construction of the CoolCoil Nutrient Cooler ensures it won’t rust or leech mineral content into your nutrients. Even in the high-salt content solutions common of most nutrients, stainless steel maintains a low oxidation rate.

Available in lengths of 10 feet or 20 feet, the CoolCoil Nutrient Cooler is modular, allowing multiple units to work in conjunction to meet your cooling needs. Typically, 1 foot of coil is needed per 12.5 gallons of reservoir space, meaning a 10 foot coil will effectively cool a 125 gallon reservoir.




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